How do we work?

Our service … is one with a smile:-) Streisant sells luxury second hand clothes and handbags

Do you have recent brand and designer clothing, accessories, handbags or shoes which are still in perfect condition, but no longer belong in your wardrobe? You can put these for sale at Streisant.

If you would like to get some examples of what kind of clothing and accesories you can buy at Streisant, have a look a our Streisant Facebook page.

How does it work?

You can deposit your clothes on every opening day, but please note that the selection doesn’t happen immediately in that case.

The pieces are …

  • recent fashion: max 2 seasons old
  • in very good condition: not visibly worn, wrinkled, discolored or damaged
  • immediately salable: washed and ironed
  • shoes show not marks of usage, example bad buys

Following the selection of clothing is a document is drawn up in duplicate. Which we will also provide you by mail. It contains the goods handed over by you and the sales price. After the sale of a piece you will receive half of the sale price.

The clothes remain for a total of maximum of 3 months for sale. Of which 2 months to the agreed selling price and the 3rd month at a 30% discount. After the end of these 3 months we will send you a reminder email. And we expect you to contact us for payment and to pick up your unsold clothing. You have one month, counting the 4th month after the document date. When bringing in your pieces you specify whether you want to have back the unsold pieces or they may donate to St. Vincentius. In case the pieces are not picked up on time, then they will be automatically donated to Sint Vincentius in Diepenbeek.

We take the clothing all year round:

  • November, december, January: winter clothing
  • February, March, april: mid season
  • May, June, July, August: summer
  • September, October: mid season

As we are a shop that only works with luxury 2nd hand clothing and because of the wide range we would like to help. Below you can find a list of examples of brands which we do not take:

Below you can find some examples of, but not limited to, clothing brands which we sell...